How is personal information used for marketing & advertising purposes?

Columbia Energy will use Personal Information to send Subscriber marketing and advertising messages related to Columbia Energy’s Services and Site using Subscriber’s email address, postal address, or telephone number (for voice, texts, and pre-recorded calls). Columbia Energy may deliver a marketing or advertising message based on Subscriber visits to the Columbia Energy Site, which is general advertising or "Contextual Advertising," defined as advertising based on the subject matter or the content of the specific website page or subject matter. Columbia Energy may also send Subscriber "First Party Advertising," which is advertising that is customized or personalized based on a history of Subscriber’s use of our Site or Services (possibly combined with information from our Facebook fan page or other social network platforms). First Party Advertising is based solely on a combination of information Columbia Energy collects from Subscriber – not from Subscriber’s visits to other websites across the Internet. Columbia Energy will also use cookies for advertising purposes, however, cookies may not contain or link to any Personal Information.

Subscriber may opt-out of First Party Advertising but not Contextual Advertising. No Personal Information is used to deliver Contextual Advertising; it automatically will appear based on the content or webpage Subscriber is viewing and thus is based on the context of that visit. Subscriber may continue to receive general advertising from other third parties if Subscriber opts-out of First Party Advertising from Columbia Energy.

Columbia Energy does not provide third-party "Network Advertising," which is advertising based on Subscriber’s overall Internet usage across different third-party websites or online services. Multiple third-party websites and online services are involved in this tailored or personalized advertising process, in essence, a "network" of advertising providers.

Because Columbia Energy does not provide network ads, Columbia Energy does not recognize the "Do Not Track" settings on various Internet browsers. Columbia Energy does not engage or allow third-party advertising networks to track you across the Internet and across time for advertising purposes. Columbia Energy does not engage or allow third parties to track you across the Internet and across time for advertising purposes.

Links to Other Websites or Online Services

The Columbia Energy Site and/or our Facebook Pages (or other social networking platforms) may contain a variety of content and functionality and may provide links to other third-party websites or online services. Despite such links, this Privacy Policy applies only to Columbia Energy and our Affiliates. The presence of a link does not constitute or imply Columbia Energy’s endorsement, recommendation, or sponsorship of the content, goods, services, business, or privacy practices on such websites or online services. Columbia Energy encourages Subscribers to be aware and informed when Subscribers leave Columbia Energy’s Site and Columbia Energy’s Facebook Pages, or any other social networking platforms.