II. Performance Characteristics & Commercial Terms

Specific service fees and rates for an individual residential or business Subscriber are set forth in the designated Service Agreement. Some plans are available to both residential and business Subscribers. Other plans may be only available for business Subscribers. Various information is also publicized on the Columbia Energy website.

    1. Service Description, Pricing, and Fees: Columbia Energy is continually working to develop a variety of services and plans to meet your individual needs, budget, and Internet demands now and in the future. When we offer new online or satellite services, we will provide the characteristics, capabilities, and terms of such new service offerings to allow you to make knowledgeable choices about which services make the most sense for you. Columbia Energy will continue to provide you with accurate and relevant information in plain language so you can make informed choices.

      Links to a current description of the categories of Internet access service offered to residential and/or business Subscribers are available below, including pricing, expected and actual access speeds are as selected by customer and package for all services with latency of 50 ms on Satellite, 15 ms on Broadband with lower latency in many areas, and the suitability for the service is the sole responsibility of the customer:

      Residential and Business Services:

      1. Broadband High-Speed Internet Service Monthly Plans
      2. Viasat™ Satellite Internet Service Monthly Plans (formerly Excede Internet®) (minimum 2-year commitment)
    2. Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services (also known as “Specialized Services”): We do not offer data-related Specialized Services to Subscribers that will affect the last-mile capacity available for, and the performance of, our broadband Internet access service offerings. However, there may be a temporary slowing of Internet speed when using any broadband and VoIP services at the same time.
    3. Various Fees. We will assess the following fees for our Fixed Wireless, and/or Viasat Satellite Internet Access Services, where applicable. Please see our website and/or Standard Customer Internet Agreement for pricing details.
      1. Security Deposit
      2. Installation Fee Broadband
      3. Installation Fee Satellite
      4. Equipment Rental/Lease Fee Broadband
      5. Equipment Rental/Lease Fee Satellite
      6. Equipment Repair/Replacement Fee
      7. Late Fee
      8. Cancellation Fee
      9. Early Termination Fee
      10. Reconnection Fee for Terminated Service Due to Non-Payment
      11. ACH Overdrawn Check Fee
      12. CAN-SPAM Damage Resolution Fees
      13. Broadband Static IP Address Fee if required
    4. Network Speeds: Columbia Energy offers a standard range of download speeds to residential Subscribers varying from 1.5 Mbps to 1000 Mbps depending on location and packages ordered. The standard range of download speeds for business Subscribers is from 1.5 Mbps to 1000 Mbps depending on packages ordered. The Columbia Energy Networks are designed to support these speeds to help ensure that every Subscriber receives the speeds to which they have subscribed. Columbia Energy however cannot guarantee speeds at all times, as there are many factors and conditions beyond Columbia Energy’s control that can affect Internet performance. Some of these external factors and conditions are:
      • Performance of Subscriber computer and/or router
      • Type of connection to Subscriber’s own equipment (i.e., Wi-Fi)
      • Congestion of websites and services on Internet
      • Website or service limiting speeds on the Internet
      • Internet and equipment performance outside of the Columbia Energy Network

      The Columbia Energy Services are advertised as “up to” certain speeds reflecting performance under ideal conditions. Without purchasing an expensive “dedicated” Internet connection, no Internet Service Provider can guarantee package speeds at all times.

    5. Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Connection Service Data Services (also known as “Specialized Services”): Columbia Energy does not offer Specialized Services to Subscribers that will affect the last-mile capacity available for, and the performance of, our Columbia Energy Services. We note, however, that there may be a temporary slowing of Internet speed when using any of Columbia Energy’s broadband and VoIP services at the same time.
    6. Acceptable Use: As set forth in the applicable Service Agreements, all of Columbia Energy’s residential and business service offerings are subject to the standalone “Internet Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) for all Internet Access Services.] We may from time to time establish or revise this AUP and any of the Service Agreements.
    7. Privacy Statement: Columbia Energy’s current Privacy Policy is available on the Privacy Policy & Your California Privacy Rights page.
    8. Redress Options: Columbia Energy endeavors to respond to all Subscriber concerns and complaints in a timely and fair manner. We encourage Subscribers to contact us at our website with any complaints or issues with the service. For escalation information please contact the local number on our Contact Us page Monday through Thursday and ask for the Manager of Communications.
    9. Disputes and Arbitration: The Service Agreements limit the remedies available to Subscribers in the event of a dispute. If necessary Arbitration is available through the Standard Customer Internet Agreement.