Service Provider has a "zero tolerance" policy for SPAM. Any User of Service Provider Services found to be actively distributing or engaged in the mass distribution of unsolicited emails without consent of the intended receiver may have their account(s) terminated and all future access to Service Provider's Services and network revoked.

You may not use the Service or any Equipment or Software provided by Service Provider to:

  1. Send e-mail of a personal, bulk, or commercial nature, including, without limitation, bulk mailings of commercial advertising, informational announcements, charity requests, political or religious messages, and petitions for signatures, except to those who have requested such e-mails via a confirmed opt-in subscription process maintained by You;
  2. Send e-mail or other messages to someone who has indicated that he or she does not want to receive messages from You;
  3. Collect or receive responses from unsolicited e-mail messages (even if such e-mail was sent from accounts on other Internet service providers or e-mail Services) that violate the Agreement or this Acceptable Use Policy or the terms of use under the other Internet service provider or e-mail service from which it was sent;
  4. Conduct "mail bombings" (e.g., to send more than ten copies of the same or substantially similar message, or to send very large messages or files, with the intent of disrupting a server or account);
  5. Send or forward make-money-fast schemes or chain/pyramid letters (whether or not the recipient requests it);
  6. Harvest e-mail addresses or personal information of other Service Provider subscribers or the subscribers of any other network; or
  7. Use another Internet site's mail server to relay mail without the express permission of the owner of that Internet site.
  8. Use e-mail or the internet in violation of federal law or the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.