Violations & Monitoring

Service Provider does not intend to actively monitor the content of websites, email, news groups, or material created or accessible over its Services. Service Provider reserves the right to monitor such Services or any Services on or within our network.

Reporting Violations and complaints:

Violations, attempted violations, and/or concerns should be addressed by emailing our Billing department.

When reporting anything to Service Provider please include:

  • The internet protocol address used to commit the alleged violation.
  • The date, time, and time zone of such violation.
  • Evidence of the violation, including, if applicable, full headers from emails, firewall logs, traffic dumps (example, the *.enc files generated by Network Ice's Black Ice program or "hex" dump from any other firewall or IDS system), or information pertaining to the events in question.
  • Do not send excerpted parts of a message; sending the entire message with full headers helps prevent misunderstandings based on incomplete information or information taken out of context.

Service Provider has sole judgment and discretion on how we enforce this AUP. Guidelines as to punishment and legal action will be within the Service Provider's legal department and administrative department discretion.