What information does Columbia Energy collect and how does Columbia Energy use this Information?

Generally, Columbia Energy collects and uses Personal Information internally in connection with providing the Site and Services to Subscriber, including to personalize, evaluate and improve the Site and Services, to contact Subscriber, to respond to and fulfill Subscriber requests, and to analyze how Subscriber uses the Site and Services.

Columbia Energy collects and uses various types of information about Subscribers and Subscribers’ use of the Site and Services via various features and registration pages, Help Desk and call centers, postal mail, remote kiosks, the Columbia Energy Facebook Page or other social network platforms, or by other means. Such information is generally used and classified to help the customer understand more about their usage if requested.

Personal Information

Personal Information is the information Subscriber provides to Columbia Energy voluntarily or passively through Subscriber use of the Site and/or Services, and information which is directly associated with or reasonably linked to a specific person, computer, or device. For example, we collect and use Personal Information through the registration process, when the equipment to provide the Service is installed, maintained, or upgraded at Subscriber’s premises, and when Subscriber contacts Columbia Energy regarding the Site or Services. Through Subscriber account settings, Columbia Energy collects and uses Personal Information such as Subscriber name, email address, landline and/or wireless telephone number, postal address, billing address (if different) and billing information (such as credit/debit card account number or other financial account information), service address, and the nature of any of Subscriber devices or other property making use of the Services. Personal Information also includes Subscriber proprietary network information ("CPNI") which is collected and used to provide VoIP services to you. CPNI includes any information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, and amount of use of our VoIP service, such as call detail, logs, and specifics regarding your VoIP account. Subscriber may be required to provide certain Personal Information to assist Columbia Energy in improving Subscriber’s Service or troubleshooting problems Subscriber is experiencing with the Site or Service, Subscriber computer or device, or otherwise to improve the quality of the Services.

Columbia Energy will communicate with Subscriber if Subscriber has provided Columbia Energy the means to do so such as submission of a Subscriber’s postal address, email address, or phone number. Columbia Energy will mail, email, call, or text Subscriber about Subscriber’s use of the Services or product improvements or upgrades, and other transactional information about Subscriber’s service.

Columbia Energy may also combine Personal Information with additional data obtained from Columbia Energy’s Facebook Pages or other social network platforms, its Affiliates, its Operational Service Providers (third-party owned companies that provide or perform services on Columbia Energy’s behalf, to help serve Subscribers better and to perform functions in order to support Columbia Energy’s businesses and operations), or other companies, such as credit bureaus, background check firms, and marketing research companies.

Some forms of Non-Personal Information as described below will be classified as Personal Information if required by applicable law or when such information is directly associated with or reasonably linked to a specific person, computer or device, or is combined with other forms of Personal Information.

Non-Personal Information

Website Information, Use of Cookies and Other Similar Tracking Technology

When you visit Columbia Energy’s Site, Columbia Energy will collect various types of Non-Personal Information, such as information on Columbia Energy server logs from Subscriber’s browser or device, which may include Subscriber IP Address, unique device identifier, "cookie" information, the type of browser and/or device you are using to access the Services, and the page or feature Subscriber requested. (IP Address and device identifiers are traditionally classified as Non-Personal Information, unless Columbia Energy is required to do so otherwise under applicable law.) "Cookies" and "web beacons" are text file identifiers Columbia Energy transfers to Subscriber’s browser or device that allow Columbia Energy to recognize Subscriber’s browser or device and tell Columbia Energy how and when pages and features on the Columbia Energy Site are visited, by how many people, and other activity on the Site. Columbia Energy also use cookies to serve advertising to its visitors on third-party websites. Subscribers can delete cookies used for advertising.

Subscribers can change the preferences on Subscriber’s browser or device to prevent or limit Subscriber’s device’s acceptance of cookies, web beacons or other similar technology, but this may prevent Subscribers from taking advantage of some of the features on the Columbia Energy Site, or accessing certain functions and conveniences. This Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies or other such tracking technology by any third parties, and Columbia Energy is not responsible for their privacy policies and practices.

Columbia Energy also uses Personal Information and Non-Personal Information to enhance the Columbia Energy Site and Services: such as how often visitors use a particular feature or activity; which products and services are most interesting to current and potential Subscribers; ways to make the Site useful and interesting to as many Subscribers as possible; and to enhance and refine Columbia Energy’s Services. Columbia Energy will continue to conduct analytics on Columbia Energy Site and Services performance. Subscribers may not opt-out of this use of cookies, Personal Information, and Non-Personal Information.

Technology is improving every day and to improve Columbia Energy’s operations and functions Columbia Energy may introduce new technologies and monitoring techniques without advance notice or consent from Subscriber. Columbia Energy may also use third-party providers to conduct such internal functions and analyses.

Network Information

Columbia Energy also collects and uses Columbia Energy Network Information, information about Subscriber access to, and use of, the Columbia Energy Network, which may or may not be directly associated with or reasonably linked to a specific person, computer, or device. For example, Columbia Energy may collect use information about the performance of our equipment installed on Subscriber property or at Subscriber premises, when Subscriber is using the Services, the various devices Subscriber is using to access the Services, the amount of data Subscriber is transmitting and receiving, the content of the data Subscriber are transmitting and receiving, the websites Subscriber is visiting, and any other information that is transmitted over the Columbia Energy Network. Columbia Energy may also aggregate Columbia Energy Network Information from multiple Subscribers and share such aggregated Non-Personal information about the overall performance of the Columbia Energy Services and Columbia Energy Network with our Affiliates and other third parties. Aggregated information does not identify a specific individual, computer, or device.

We use Network Information to monitor and enhance the performance of the Columbia Energy Network. Columbia Energy will not monitor the content of the websites viewed or email communications as part of Columbia Energy’s standard network management unless there is a complaint or an issue regarding the Services. Generally, Columbia Energy will monitor and preserve the following Columbia Energy Network Information:

  • When Subscriber is using the Services;
  • How Subscriber is using the Services, such as monitoring traffic patterns regarding websites visited, amount of data being sent or received, or other activity;
  • The amount of data Subscriber is transmitting and receiving through the Services; and
  • General information regarding the performance of our equipment installed on Subscriber’s property or at Subscriber’s premises, and its interaction with the rest of the Columbia Energy Network.

However, Columbia Energy reserves the right to, and may, monitor, access, review, and preserve any Columbia Energy Network Information and/or content in the following situations:

  • In response to an inquiry from Subscriber or an another Subscriber’s account regarding Subscriber or their use of the Services or problems Subscriber or they are experiencing using the Services;
  • If Columbia Energy has reason to believe Subscriber is using the Services in violation of Subscriber’s Service Agreement or any applicable statutes, rules, ordinances, or regulations;
  • If Columbia Energy has reason to believe Subscriber use of the Service is negatively affecting other Subscribers; or
  • When Columbia Energy is required by law or legal process to do so, or when Columbia Energy has a good faith belief that Columbia Energy is required by law or legal process to do so.